Congratulations to our 2020 Award Recipients


Ms. Annie Moore of Farmland Elementary School, Master Teacher

Ms. Inge Chichester of Sligo Middle School, Master Teacher and 2020 Montgomery County Teacher of the Year

Mr. Rodney Van Tassell of Winston Churchill High School, Master Teacher


Ms. Susan Joanna Martinez-Mack of Julius West Middle School, Rising-Star Teacher

Read more about our 2020 Award Recipients.

Video of 2020 virtual Champions for Children Teacher of the Year presentation

Past Winning Teachers
2020 MCPS Teacher of the Year
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Yolanda Pruitt (MCPS Educational Foundation), Ms. Inge Chichester (2020 MCPS Teacher of the Year), and Mr. Rob Smith (Fitzgerald Auto). As Teacher of the Year, Ms. Chichester received a one-year auto lease from Fitzgerald Auto Mall.
2020 Master Teacher Awardees
Ms. Annie Moore of Farmland Elementary School (2020 Master Teacher Awardee), Ms. Inge Chichester of Sligo Middle School (2020 Master Teacher Awardee and MCPS Teacher of the Year), Mr. Rodney Van Tassell of Winston Churchill High School (2020 Master Teacher Awardee)
photo by Montgomery County Pubic Schools
Ms. Susan Joanna Martinez-Mack
Julius West Middle School
2020 MGEF Rising-Star Teacher
photo by Montgomery County Pubic Schools
Ms. Inge Chichester
Sligo Middle School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Inge Chichester (2020 MGEF Awardee and MCPS Teacher of the Year), Dr. Jack Smith (MCPS Superintendent), Ms. Shauna-Kay Jorandby (Principal), Dr. Monifa McKnight (Deputy Superintendent)
Ms. Annie Moore
Farmland Elementary School
Ms. Annie Moore of (2020 MGEF Awardee) and Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Mr. Rodney Van Tassell
Winston Churchill High School
Dr. Jack Smith (Superintendent), Mr. Rodney Van Tassell (2020 MGEF Awardee), Dr. Monifa McKnight (Deputy Superintendent), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Brandice Heckert (Principal)
Ms. Susan Joanna Martinez-Mack
Julius West Middle School
Ms. Susan Joanna Martinez-Mack (2020 MGEF Rising-Star Teacher) and Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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2019 Champions for Children Awards
Mr. Drew Geenblatt, Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, MGEF Master Teacher Awardee and MCPS Teacher of the Year Ms. Madeline Hanington, Mr. Mark Greenblatt, and Mr. Rob Greenblatt
Mr. Teak Bassett
Clarksburg HS
Ms. Judith Chinn (2012 MGEF awardee), Ms. Catherine Ulicny (2006 MGEF awardee), Mr. Teak Bassett (2019 MGEF awardee), Ms. Lori Martioski-Taylor (2008 MGEF awardee), Mr. Sean Kelly (2008 MGEF Rising-Star awardee)
Ms. Madeline Hanington
Hallie Wells MS
Dr. Barbara Woodward (Principal), Ms. Madeline Hanington (awardee), Mr. Robert Dahlin (2006 MGEF Awardee, 2006 Montgomery County Teacher of the Year)
Ms. Maura Backenstoe
Burning Tree ES
Ms. Sarah Backenstoe (daughter), Ms. Maura Backenstoe (awardee), Burnie T (mascot of Burning Tree ES), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Mr. Brendan Kelly
Albert Einstein HS
Mr. Sean Kelly (2008 MGEF Rising-Star awardee, brother of Brendan), Mr. Brendan Kelly (2019 Rising-Star awardee), Mrs. Susan Kelly (teacher at Clarksburg HS and mother of Sean and Brendan)
Ms. Virginia Pantella
Gaithersburg MS
Ms. Virginia Pantella (Rising-Star awardee), Mr. Sam Coleman (parent of two students in Ms. Pantella’s class)
2019 Champions for Children Awards
Mr. Scott Adison (left) of Fitzgerald Auto Mall, 2019 Teacher of the Year Ms. Madeline Hanington (center), and Dr. Marshal Greenblatt (left). As Teacher of the Year, Ms. Hanington received a one-year auto lease from Fitzgerald Auto Mall.
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Champions for Children Gala
Mr. Rob Smith (from Fitzgerald AutoMall), Mr. Mark Greenblatt, Mr. Rob Greenblatt, Ms. Kristen Kane (2018 Montgomery County Teacher of the Year, Forest Knolls ES), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Drew Greenblatt
Ms. Janet Gallagher
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
Micah Greenblatt, Mr. Mark Greenblatt, Dr. Donna Jones (Principal), Ms. Janet Gallagher (Master Teacher awardee), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Ms. Edwina Kollo
Shady Grove MS
Ms. Kimberly Skufca (2016 MGEF awardee), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Edwina Kollo (2018 MGEF Master Teacher awardee), Mr. Nick Chukpa (2004 MGEF Rising-Star awardee)
Ms. Kristen Kane
Forest Knolls Elementary School
Ms. Margie Sybert, Ms. Beverly Belin, Ms. Kristen Kane (Master Teacher awardee), Ms. Susan Riley
Ms. Helene McLaughlin
Northwood HS
Ms. Karen Krause, Ms. Helene McLaughlin (Rising-Star awardee), Ms. Mildred Charley-Greene (Principal)
Ms. Erin Crowley
Somerset ES
Ms. Cheryl Dyson, Ms. Maureen Turner, Ms. Kelly Morris (Principal), Ms. Erin Crowley (Rising-Star awardee), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Dr. LaVerne Kimball, Dr. Kimberly Statham
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Champions for Children Awards
Richard Montgomery HS
Mr. Drew Greenblatt (left), Mr. Robert Greenblatt, Ms. Nancy Shay (Master Teacher awardee, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year) Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Mark Greenblatt
Ms. Cherin Hershkowitz
Roberto Clemente MS
Dr. Frank Stetson (left, former Associate Superintendent, member of the Greenblatt Fund Selection Committee), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Cherin Hershkowitz (Master Teacher awardee), Mr. Jeffrey Brown (Principal), Dr. Darryl Williams (Associate Superintendent)
Ms. Melissa Segal
Luxmanor ES
Mr. Ryan Forkert (left, Principal), Ms. Melissa Segal (Master Teacher awardee), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Mark Greenblatt, Dr. Frank Stetson (former Associate Superintendent, Member of MGEF Selection Committee)
Ms. Yecenia Morales
Wheaton HS
Ms. Yecenia Morales (Rising Star awardee), with flowers in front, surrounded by her students
Ms. Amra Nansimbi
Glenallan ES
Ms. Amra Nansimbi (Rising Star awardee) with three members of the Board of Education: Ms. Rebecca Smondrowski (left), Ms. Shebra Evans, and Ms. Jill Ortman-Fouse
Ms. Nancy Shay
Ms. Emily Dillon (left, teacher at Springbrook HS, former recipient of the MGEF Social Studies Prize and student of Ms. Shay at Richard Montgomery HS), Ms. Nancy Shay (2017 Master Teacher awardee and Montgomery County Teacher of the Year, Richard Montgomery HS, graduate of Springbrook HS), Mr. Robert Donaldson (teacher at Montgomery Blair HS, teacher of Ms. Shay at Springbrook HS)
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Andrea Segovia
Ashburton Elementary School
Dr Sarah Sirgo (Director of School Support), Marshal Greenblatt, Andrea Segovia (winner), Larry Bowers (Superintendent), Greg Mullenholz (Principal)
Kimberly Skufca
Shady Grove Middle School
Marshal Greenblatt, Kimberly Skufca (winner), and the Shady Grove MS Timberwolf
Michael V Williams
Kennedy High School
Marshal Greenblatt, Michael V Williams (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year), Principal Joe Rubens Jr.
Kaila Wiggins
Clopper Mill Elementary School
Marshal Greenblatt, Dr. Ocheze Joseph (Principal), Kaila Wiggins (Rising-Star Winner), Robert Greenblatt, Gregory Edmundson (Director of School Support)
Samir Paul
Montgomery Blair High School
Marshal Greenblatt, Samir Paul (winner), James Schafer (2010 winner and 2010 Montgomery County Teacher of the Year)
Champions for Children Awards
2016. Interim Superintendent Larry Bowers, Marian Greenblatt Fund Master Teachers Andrea Segovia, Kimberly Skufca, and Michael Williams (Montgomery County Teacher of the Year), President of the Montgomery County Board of Education Michael Durso, and MCBRE Executive Director Tiffany Williams.
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Josephine Luster
Chevy Chase Elementary School
Mr. Robert Greenblatt, Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Miss Abby Greenblatt, Ms. Josephine Luster (winner), Mr. Mark Greenblatt
Jill Raspen
Ridgeview Middle School
Ms. Jill Raspen (winner)
Joseph Gannon, Jr.
Damascus High School
Mr. Joseph Gannon, Jr. (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Ginger Berry
Argyle Middle School
Students with Ms. Ginger Berry (Rising-Star winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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Aaron Shin
Parkland Middle School
Mr. Robert Greenblatt, Mr. Aaron Shin (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Jane Lindsay
John Poole Middle School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Jane Lindsay (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year), Principal Charlotte Boucher
Kathryn Hageman
Diamond Elementary School
Ms. Carol Scwindaman (Greenblatt Master Teacher 2001), Ms. Kathryn Hageman (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Deborah Yun
Westover Elementary School
Principal Particia Kelly, Ms. Deborah Yun (Rising-Star winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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Cristina Ulrich
Brookhaven Elementary School
Mr. Rob Grundy (principal), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mrs. Cristina Ulrich (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year), Dr. Chris Garran (Community Superintendent)
Steven Katz
Westland Middle School
Mr. Steven Katz (winner), Ms. Alison Serino (principal), Mr. Robert Greenblatt, and Miss Abigail Greenblatt
Dawn Charles
Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School
Mr. Mark Greenblatt, Mrs. Dawn Charles (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Adam Stephens
Montgomery Blair High School
Adam Stephens (Rising-Star winner) and Marshal Greenblatt
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Judith Chinn
Clarksburg High School
Judith Chinn (winner 2012), Sean Kelly (First-Year winner, 2008), Catherine Ulicny (winner, 2006)
Heydi Dupré
Baker Middle School
Judith Klimpl (Supervisor, World Languages, MCPS), Heydi Dupré (winner)
Christine Ground
Northwest High School
Christine Ground (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year)
Eupil Muhn
Loiederman Middle School
Principal Alison Serino, Eupil Muhn (Rising-Star winner), Marshal Greenblatt
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Brian Freiss
Highland Elementary School Superintendent Dr Jerry Weast, Brian Freiss (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year), Peter McAdams (winner), Marshal Greenblatt
Peter McAdams
Banneker Middle School
Marshal Greenblatt, Peter McAdams (winner), Robert Greenblatt
Sharon Moore
Poolesville High School
Marshal Greenblatt, Principal Deena Levine, Sharon Moore (winner), Community Superintendent Dr LaVerne Kimball
Todd Stillman
Richard Montgomery High School
Marshal Greenblatt, Todd Stillman (Rising-Star winner), Mark Greenblatt
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James Schafer
Montgomery Blair High School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Robert Greenblatt, Mrs. Katie Schafer, Mr. James Schafer (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year), Mr. Mark Greenblatt
Carol Knoblach
Travilah Elementary School
Mrs. Carol Knoblach (winner), Principal Susan Shenk, Robert Greenblatt, Master Mason Greenblatt, Marshal Greenblatt
Donald Ayotte
Wootton High School
Dr. Sherry Liebes, Community Superintendent, Dr. Michael Doran (Principal, Wootton High School), Mr. Drew Greenblatt, Mr. Donald Ayotte (winner), Dr. Marshal
Amber Dinisio
Arcola Elementary School
Ms. Amber Dinisio (winner, First-Year Teacher award)
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Bryan Goehring
Takoma Park Middle School
Bryan Goehring (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year) and Principal Renay Johnson
Jennifer Goodstein
Thomas Pyle Middle School
Dr. Frank Stetson (Community Superintendent), Drew Greenblatt, Marshal Greenblatt, Jennifer Goodstein (winner), and Principal Michael Zarchin
Autumn Moore-Myers
Ridgeview Middle School
Shelly Nicoll (Marian Greenblatt winner, 2004), Autumn Moore-Myers (Marian Greenblatt winner, 2009), and Elaine McArdle (Marian Greenblatt winner, 2001)
Jaclyn Klueger
Sequoyah Elementary School
Patricia O’Neill (Board of Education member), Jaclyn Klueger (winner, First-Year Teacher award), Dr. Bobbi Jasper (Principal), Dr. Jerry Weast (Superintendent)
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Christopher Orlando
Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School
Mr. Stetson, Mr. Bulson, Marshal Greenblatt, Christopher Orlando (winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the year), and Mrs. Lockhart
Lori Martioski-Taylor
Richard Montgomery High School
Stephanie Colby Lee
Westland Middle School
Mrs. Stephanie Colby Lee (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Max Greenblatt
Sean Kelly
Clarksburg High School
Mr. Sean Kelly (winner, First-Year Teacher award), Mr. Drew Greenblatt
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Noreen Gale
Oakland Terrace Elementary School
Raul Ortiz
Damascus High School, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year
Philip D'Agnese
Spark Matsunaga Elementary School
Olga Shapiro
Rockville High School (winner, First-Year Teacher award)
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Alison Divens O'Connor
Resnik Elementary School
Ms. Alison Divens (winner, First-Year Teacher award) and Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Robert Dahlin
Ridgeview Middle School
(winner, Montgomery County Teacher of the Year)
Karen Wendel
Brookhaven Elementary School, with some students
Catherine Ulicny
Paint Branch High School Ms. Catherine Ulicny (winner), with Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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Kimberly Oliver
Broad Acres Elementary School
Ernest O'Roark
Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School
Shelly Niverth
Viers Mill Elementary School
Jennifer Harne
North Bethesda Middle School
(winner, First-Year Teacher award)
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Kimberly Oliver Teacher of the Year

Kimberly Oliver Teacher of the Year

Ms. Oliver, First Lady Laura Bush, President Bush

Kimberly Oliver National Teacher of the Year

Kimberly Oliver National Teacher of the Year

First Lady Laura Bush, Ms. Kimberly Oliver (winner, Marian Greenblatt Award, National Teacher of the Year), President George W. Bush

Kimberly Oliver National Teacher of the Year

Kimberly Oliver National Teacher of the Year

Ms. Oliver, President Bush

Michelle Nicoll
Forest Oak Middle School
Mrs. Susan Feldhuhn, Ms. Michelle Nicoll (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Amy Malone
Thomas S. Wooton High School
Dr. Michael Doran (Principal, Wootton High School), Ms. Amy Malone (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Pamela Fountain
Tilden Middle School
Ms. Pamela Fountain (winner)
Nicholas Chupka
Takoma Park Middle School
Mr. Nicholas Chupka (winner, First-Year Teacher award), Principal Tacoma Park Middle School, Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Mark Greenblatt
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Joseph Monte
Albert Einstein High School
Mr. Joseph Monte (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Penny Keune
Quince Orchard High School
Penny Keune
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Penny Keune (winner)
Meredith Milk
Luxmanor Elementary School
Dr. Frank Stetson (Community Superintendent), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Meredith Milk (winner), Principal Lux Manor Elementary School
Elizabeth Giannone
Dufief Elementary School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mrs. Elizabeth Giannone (winner)
Rebecca Boyle
William H. Farquhar Middle School (First Year)
Ms. Rebecca Boyle (winner) with admirers including Mr. Darryl Williams (center, Principal Farquhar Middle School), Mrs. Suzan Feldhuhn (second from right)
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Sheila Levine
Maryvale Elementary School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Principal Maryvale Elementary School, Mrs. Sheila Levine (winner)
Jan Schultz
Poolesville High School
Mrs. Jan Schultz (winner, third from left)
Susan Kelly
Martin Luther King Middle School
Mrs. Susan Kelly (winner, center), surrounded by admirers, Mrs. Susan Peyser (Vice President of Marian Greenblatt Education Fund, second from left)
Victoria Bowie
WT Page Elementary (First Year)
Ms. Victoria Bowie (first-year winner, back row, fourth from left), surrounded by admirers
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Carol Schwindaman
Diamond Elementary School
Ms. Carol Schwindaman (winner, closest to flowers on table, surrounded by many admirers)
Dorothy Sturek
Piney Branch Elementary School
Mrs. Susan Feldhuhn, Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mrs. Dorothy Sturek (winner), Dr. Jerry Weast
Elaine McArdle
Ridgeview Middle School
Dr. Jerry Weast, Mrs. Elaine McArdle (winner)
Peter Petrossian
Pyle Middle School (First Year)
Dr. Jerry Weast, Mr. Peter Petrossian (first-year winner)
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Joseph Bellino
Montgomery Blair High School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Joseph Bellino (winner)
Sharon Kahl
Clarksburg Elementary School
Mrs. Sharon Kahl (winner), fourth from right in red and black outfit, with corsage
Cheryl Sellitti
Cold Spring Elementary School
Mr. Martin Barnett (Principal of Cold Spring Elementary School), Mr. Jay Headman (Community Superintendent), Mrs. Cheryl Selitti (winner), Dr. Jerry Weast (Superintendent of Montogomery County Public Schools), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Cheryl Sellitti
Robert Ferrell
Baker Middle School (First Year)
Dr. Jerry Weast, Mr. Robert Ferrell (first-year winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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David Zaleski
Paint Branch High School (First Year)
Principal Paint Branch High School, Mr. David Zaleski (first-year winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Dr. Paul Vance
Elaine Chang
Tilden Middle School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Elaine Chang (winner), Dr. Paul Vance, Principal Tilden Middle School, student
Jon Goetz and
Michael Willard
Richard Montgomery High School
Mr. Mark Kelsch (Principal of Richard Montgomery High School), Mr. Michael WIllard (co-winner), Mr. Jon Goetz’s daughter, Mr. Jon Goetz (co-winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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Earl Myers, Jr.
Greencastle Elementary School (First Year)
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Earl Myers, Jr.
Kismet Talaat
Rockville High School
Principal Rockville High School, Mr. Kevin Keegan (past winner), Dr. Paul Vance, Ms. Kismet Talaat (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Master Max Greenblatt, Mr. Drew Greenblatt, Mrs. Jane Greenblatt
Evanthia Lambrakopolous
Bethesda Chevy Chase High School
Principal Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Dr. Paul Vance (Superintendent, MCPS), Ms. Evanthia Lambrakopolous (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Patricia Doak
Carl Sandburg Learning Center
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Patricia Doak (winner)
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Mrs. Nancy Stone (winner), Mrs. Mary Holmes (winner), and Ms. Ridenour (first-year winner)

Bethesda Elementary School, Wood Acres Elementary School, Greencastle Elementary School (First Year)
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Marian Lerner
Mill Creek Towne Elementary School
Mrs. Jane Greenblatt (wife of Mr. Drew Greenblatt), Master Max Greenblatt (son of Drew and Jane Greenblatt), Mr. Drew Greenblatt, Mrs. Marion Lerner (winner), Messrs. Louis Friedman, Marshal Greenblatt, Mark Greenblatt, and Robert Greenblatt
Jacqueline Fried
Wheaton High School
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Mr. William Straughn, Ms. Sue Jeweler, Ms. Marion Finkbinder (co-winners) Wyngate Elementary School Mr. William Straughn, Ms. Sue Jeweler, Ms. Marion Finkbinder (co-winners), Messrs. Marshal Greenblatt, Louis Friedman, Robert Greenblatt, Mrs. Stella Friedman, Messers Mark and Drew Greenblatt, Mrs. Susan Feldhuhn
Frank Sanford
Kensington Parkwood Elementary School
Mr. Frank Sanford (winner)
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Ms. Sherry Stargel
Seven Locks Elementary School
Principal Ellen Williams, Superintendent Paul Vance, Ms. Sherry Stargel (1994 MGEF awardee), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
Ms. Susan Ketron
Poolesville High School
Superintendent Paul Vance, Ms. Susan Ketron (1994 MGEF awardee), Principal Joan Benz, and Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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Allene Brown
Brooke Grove Elementary School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Louis Friedman, Mrs. Allene Brown (winner), Mrs. Stella Friedman, Drew Greenblatt (son of Dr. Marian Greenblatt)
Elanor Heginbotham
Stone Ridge School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mrs. Heginbotham’s mother, Mrs. Eleanor Heginbotham (winner), Stella and Louis Friedman, Mr. Mark Greenblatt (son of Dr. Marian Greenblatt)
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Kevin Keegan
Rockville High School
Mrs. Stella Friedman, Mr. Ray DeBalso (Rockville High School Principal), Mr. Kevin Keegan (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mr. Louis Friedman, Messrs. Robert and Drew Greenblatt (sons of Dr. Marian Greenblatt)
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Eliot Appelstein
Montgomery Blair High School.

See link for article.
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Ted Courtney
Albert Einstein High School
Mrs. Marilyn Praisner (Member, Board of Education), Einstein Principal Michael Glascoe, Mr. Anthony Courtney (winner), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt
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E. A. Stonecipher
Gaithersburg Middle School
Stella and Louis Friedman (parents of Dr. Marian Greenblatt), Dr. Marshal Greenblatt (president of the Marian Greenblatt Fund), Mrs. E. A. Stonecipher (first winner of the Marian Award), Dr. Harry Pitt (Superintendent of MCPS), Dr. James Cronin (Member, Board of Education)
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Social Studies Awards

High School Junior Social Studies Award Recipients

(Alphabetical by High School)


Aviva Teller (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Abigail Kusmin (Montgomery Blair), Olivia Gyapong (Blake), Emily Abramson (Churchill), Ronak Tallur (Clarksburg), Grace Ruei (Damascus), Segev Berner-Kadish (Albert Einstein), Alfonso Gabriel M. Aquino (Gaithersburg), Djenebou Traore (John F. Kennedy), Adonairah Villanueva (Col Zadok Magruder), Alexandra Dressman (Northwest), Angel Soriano Lara (Northwood), Mary Shawhan (Paint Branch), Marina Karapanos (Poolesville), Megan Cressy (Quince Orchard), Corbin Christopher (Richard Montgomery), Gabriella Diaz (Rockville), Ella Teal (Seneca Valley), Jahnavi Kirkire (Sherwood), Marissa Chappell (Springbrook), Jacob Carton (Walt Whitman), Danis Cammett (Walter Johnson), Grace Edwards (Watkins Mill), Benjamin Conroy (Wheaton High), Ella Teiberg (Wootton High)


Nicole Vanderzon (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Odalys Zaldana (Montgomery Blair), Ellee Noonan-Shueh (Blake), Lia Papageorge (Churchill), Zoe Tishaev (Clarksburg), Stephen Johnson (Damascus), Reilly Fay (Einstein), Helina Mesfin (Gaithersburg), Andrea Anaya (John F. Kennedy), Madison Elizabeth Reed (Magruder), Kamila Melikova (Northwest), Jason Manzon (Northwood), Udayveer Makkar (Paint Branch), Matthew Palatnik (Poolesville), Katerina Grcic (Quince Orchard), Nestor Aranibar (Richard Montgomery), Mary Pankowski (Rockville), Jeffrey Roach (Seneca Valley), Enzo Scanecchia  (Sherwood), Sydney Jaffe (Springbrook), Emily Mayo (Walt Whitman), Lucille Bengston (Walter Johnson), Bethel Biniam (Watkins Mill), Daniel Mendez (Wheaton), Alexis Bentz (Wootton)


Sasha Frank-Stempel (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Zakariya Gordon (Blair), Monica Bounsynhavong (Blake), Joseph Gardemal (Churchill), Arpan Barua (Clarksburg), Ashley Bullington (Damascus), Georgia Broitman (Einstein), Katelyn Osman (Gaithersburg), Kelsey Folley (Kennedy), An Nguyen (Magruder), John (Jack) Thomas (Northwest), Mercedes Horn (Northwood), Rose Leeger (Paint Branch), Nina Tang (Poolesville), Riley Hoffman (Quince Orchard), Emma Bassett (Richard Montgomery), Kathleen Loebach (Rockville), Juan Silva Villamil (Seneca Valley), Melody Britton (Sherwood), Jennifer Tatham (Springbrook), Eva Herscowitz (Walt Whitman), Samantha Phelps (Walter Johnson), Josephine Oshagbemi (Watkins Mill), Amita Chatterjee (Wheaton), Liam Hall (Wootton)


Grace Wagner (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Jemma Natanson (Blair), John O'Grady (Blake), Gabriella Baker (Churchill), Matthew Evenson (Clarksburg), Cole Shapiro (Damascus), Caitlyn Buckley (Einstein), Joseph Landry (Gaithersburg), Kaya-Nadine Edmondson-Deigh (Kennedy), Shelby Gordon (Magruder), Samantha Williams (Northwest), Mercedes Horn (Northwood), Cinthia Martinez Lopez (Paint Branch), Michael Urban (Poolesville), Aaron Miller (Quince Orchard), Alex Hu (Richard Montgomery), Jet Lee (Rockville), Olivier Ambush (Seneca Valley), Dan Yacubovich (Sherwood), Jordine Williams (Springbrook), Rachel Singer (Walt Whitman), William Cooper (Walter Johnson), Devin Jameison (Watkins Mill), Sahil Sahni (Wheaton), Christine Yige Liu (Wootton)


Quinlyn Spellmeyer (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Suad Mohamud (Montgomery Blair), Yelli Coulibaly (Blake), Danielle Sickels (Winston Churchill), Lady Marien Marasigan (Clarksburg), Gabriella Dagher (Damascus), Elise Van Leer (Einstein), Marshall Butler (Gaithersburg), Alexei Ruvinov (Walter Johnson), Amina J. N'Gambwa (Kennedy), Kurt Willson (Magruder), Koloina Rakotomalala (Richard Montgomery), Christopher O'Neill (Northwest), Wiley Clements (Northwood), Umar Boone (Paint Branch), Lindelwa Mamba (Poolesville), Xiaolin Yao (Quince Orchard), Mary Bilodeau (Rockville), Erica Roach (Seneca Valley), Dylan Richter (Sherwood), Monica Joseph (Springbrook), Marcella Ruano (Watkins Mill), Eric R. Rong (Wheaton), Sophia Knappertz (Walt Whitman), Jordan Matus (Wootton)


Asha Dahiya (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Eleanor Harris (Montgomery Blair), Riani Carr (Blake), Anne Moshyedi (Winston Churchill), Sean Xu (Clarksburg), Daniel Junghans (Damascus), Marcus Hibblen (Einstein), Maya Wilson (Gaithersburg), Gideon Epstein (Walter Johnson), Faith\ Wade (Kennedy), Jonathan Cornely (Magruder), Jeremy Keaton (Richard Montgomery), Katherine McCutcheon (Northwest), Guillermo Cuevas (Northwood), Godsee Joy (Paint Branch), Jen Dunn (Poolesville), Natalie Rubin (Quince Orchard), Gabrielle Rivera (Rockville), Anna Anders (Seneca Valley), Ketki Chauhan (Sherwood), David Mejia (Springbrook), Clarence McNeary III (Watkins Mill), Amanda C. Mutai (Wheaton), Sarina Hanfling (Walt Whitman), Cole Abod (Wootton)



Claire Trilling (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Lul H. Mohamud (Montgomery Blair), Arnold Chonai (Blake), Jordan Janis (Winston Churchill), Max Xu (Clarksburg), Emma Russell (Damascus), Halcyon Ruskin (Einstein), Jose Ramirez-Zamora (Gaithersburg), Noah Burgett (Walter Johnson), Brionna Gray (Kennedy), Anthony Rutkowski (Magruder), Rachel Gold (Richard Montgomery), Garrett Allen (Northwest), Betel Teka (Northwood), Rebekah Senderling (Paint Branch), Daren Small-Moyers (Poolesville), Lawrence Simon (Quince Orchard), Amelia Hurley (Rockville), Andrew Saundry (Seneca Valley), Paul Macrae (Sherwood), Camille Cade (Springbrook), Angelique Ryan (Watkins Mill), Natalie Herrera (Wheaton), Daphnie Koubourli (Walt Whitman), Nipun Kottage (Wootton)



Peter Horton (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Paul B. Ellis (Montgomery Blair), Lillian Hallmark (Blake), Paula Rabade (Winston Churchill), Cynthia Zhang (Clarksburg), Caroline Connor (Damascus), Rebecca Miller (Einstein), Sarah Aline-Ducan (Walter Johnson), Katherine Martinez (Kennedy), Drew Mesa (Magruder), Michael Cohen (Richard Montgomery), David Snyder (Northwest), Thea Ornstein (Northwood), Sarah McCall (Paint Branch), Fangfei Yin (Poolesville), Jacob Adler (Quince Orchard), Daniel Hoffman (Rockville), Ashley Ahimbisibwe (Seneca Valley), Katie Murphy (Sherwood), Juan Sebastian Cortex-Sanches (Springbrook), Rodrigo Leon (Watkins Mill), Ajiya Doka (Wheaton), Natalia de Gravellies (Walt Whitman), Hannah Hassani (Wootton)



Clio Bodie (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Fernando Ventura Jr. (Montgomery Blair), Corey Glocker (Blake), Alyssa Weiss (Winston Churchill), Joshua Myers (Clarksburg), Nathanael Bulcho (Damascus), Erica Fuentes (Einstein), Kelly Donnellan (Gaithersburg), Collin Repetti (Walter Johnson), Erin Rutter (Kennedy), Meghan Foster (Magruder), Janie Frangione (Richard Montgomery), Shazeb Asim (Northwest), Madeline Pifer (Northwood), Kate Holman (Paint Branch), Alex Nguyen (Poolesville), Justin Vernick (Quince Orchard), Victoria Vayer (Rockville), Aren Boghosian (Seneca Valley), Ryan Mercado (Sherwood), Elliott McKoy (Springbrook), Anna Oluyomi (Watkins Mill), Elena Robles (Wheaton), Caroline Crawford (Walt Whitman), Shabiha Sarwar (Wootton)



Erica Turner (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Francisco Gonzalez (Montgomery Blair), Irene Lemberos (Blake), Cindy Zheng (Winston Churchill), Mopewa Ogundipe (Clarksburg), Kaitlynn Conway (Damascus), Sarah McCully (Einstein), Susan Roberts (Gaithersburg), Cocco Mateus (Walter Johnson), Thais Periera (Kennedy), Dan Joseph (Magruder), Rolando Masis (Richard Montgomery), Emily Balcombe (Northwest), Nora Smolonsky (Northwood), Menna Girma (Paint Branch), Gentrice Cauruso-DiPaolo (Poolesville), Taylor Montgomery (Quince Orchard), Kurtis Swartz (Rockville), John Baker (Seneca Valley), Talia Katz (Sherwood), Jose Hernandez (Springbrook), Kathy Nguyen (Watkins Mill), David Sales (Wheaton), Kevin Kay (Walt Whitman), Vishnupriya Kareddy (Wootton)



Spencer Weinreich (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Emma Kaufman (Montgomery Blair), Daniel Lee (Blake), Max Reinhardt (Winston Churchill), Jasmine Mengers (Clarksburg), Harry Fones (Damascus), Michael Adams (Einstein), Jacob Zucker (Gaithersburg), Greg Segal (Walter Johnson), Josline Ali-Napo (Kennedy), Karen Eschbach (Magruder), Beatrice Kelly (Richard Montgomery), Max Frankel (Northwest), Dina Posner (Northwood), Maira Ortiz (Paint Branch), Amanda Ward (Poolesville), Sarah Thibeau (Quince Orchard), Tomas Breach (Rockville), Abigail Majane (Seneca Valley), John Hanlon (Sherwood), Leah Hollander (Springbrook), Quaren Quartey (Watkins Mill), Monica Gutierrez (Wheaton), Tessa Morrison (Walt Whitman), Helena Fahri (Wootton)



Kelsey Kiser (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Claire Teitelbaum (Montgomery Blair), Bronte Abell (Blake), James Blum (Winston Churchill), Christine Opiekun (Clarksburg), Julie Eisenberg (Damascus), Benjamin Rivers (Einstein), Sanjay Kapoor (Gaithersburg), Nicolas Carter (Walter Johnson), Bryan Campos (Kennedy), Sarah Fornatora (Magruder), Sairam Nagulapalli (Richard Montgomery), Steven Obrzut (Northwest), Phillip Shatton (Northwood), Mia Lancaster (Paint Branch), Brian McNeilly (Poolesville), Timothy “Ted” Dressel (Quince Orchard), Joel Slaff (Rockville), Selorm Quist (Seneca Valley), Tiffany Kang (Sherwood), Charles Mwalimu (Springbrook), Kyle Lyons-Burke (Watkins Mill), Terri Dean (Wheaton), Caroline Kahlenberg (Walt Whitman), Heather Allentuck (Wootton)



Monica Pate (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Elena Gooray (Montgomery Blair), Kelly Washington (Blake), Joshua M. Oppenheimer (Winston Churchill), Maya Gebeily (Clarksburg), Angela Wong (Damascus), Michelle Abiola (Einstein), Nicholas Kanka (Gaithersburg), William McCurry (Walter Johnson), Barbara Rodriquez (Kennedy), Molly Seligman (Magruder), Javier Masis (Richard Montgomery), Rebecca Herman (Northwest), Sarah Shlemon (Northwood), Michael McKonnen (Paint Branch), Kraegel Connor (Poolesville), Benjamin Groeger (Quince Orchard), Jaishri Shankar (Rockville), Marcela K. Omas (Seneca Valley), Seth Low (Sherwood), Julia Regan Fanelli (Springbrook), David Gaynor (Watkins Mill), Amali Panakure (Wheaton), Julian Jacobson (Walt Whitman), Yu Shin-Yee (Wootton)



Laura Keeling (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Kalisha Holmes (Montgomery Blair), Laura Heller (Winston Churchill), Justin Kenel (Clarksburg), Sam Westbrooks (Damascus), Abigal Paulson (Einstein), Marissa Galfond (Gaithersburg), Rodrigo Gobitz (Walter Johnson), Murktarat Yussuf (Magruder), Emily Dillon (Richard Montgomery), Dana Haymon (Northwest), Stephen Betsock (Northwood), Alexander Chlebowski (Paint Branch), Michael Chamberlain (Poolesville), Aike Ho (Quince Orchard), John Caves (Seneca Valley), Zachary Schwartz (Sherwood), Linnae O’Flahavan (Springbrook), Deborah Namugayi (Watkins Mill), Jonathan Howard (Wheaton), Elliot Rosenbaum (Walt Whitman), Joanna Y. Cornell (Wootton)



Eli Hager (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Alexander Hyder (Montgomery Blair), Allison Pistolessi (Blake), Erica Walston (Winston Churchill), Chelsea Rienks (Damascus), Felipe Escobar (Einstein), Britney Pope (Gaithersburg), Gavriella Kalter (Walter Johnson), Benjamin Moran (Kennedy), Sarah Greene (Magruder), Paul Armstrong (Richard Montgomery), Jennifer Welch (Northwest), Aharon Czarnolewski (Paint Branch), Sarah Shipe (Poolesville), Jonathan Katzur(Quince Orchard), Stephanie Owen (Rockville), Andrea Thomson (Seneca Valley), Josh Boker (Sherwood), Jordan Sawadogo (Springbrook), Kaylon Mettus (Watkins Mill), Sthefany Rojas (Wheaton), Aidan Fitzgerald (Walt Whitman), Matthew Bressler (Wootton)



Patrick McAnaney (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Kiran Belani (Montgomery Blair), Gil Hasty (Blake), Julia Hernandez (Winston Churchill), Jack Alwood (Damascus), Susan Miller (Einstein), Christopher Chesley (Gaithersburg), Violeta Arciniega (Walter Johnson), David Goldstein (Kennedy), Clio Chimento (Magruder), Yan Nusinovich (Richard Montgomery), Polina Advolodkina (Northwest), Kholla Ahmad (Paint Branch), Stephanie Reio (Poolesville), Colin Read (Quince Orchard), Robyn Kleiner (Rockville), Stephanie Flamenbaum (Seneca Valley), Erika Cabezas (Sherwood), Brian Chen (Springbrook), Andrew Vaky (Watkins Mill), Sanjana Quasem (Wheaton), Michaela Lieberman (Walt Whitman), Adam Susser (Wootton)



Elaine Hargrove (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Karima Tawfik (Montgomery Blair), Michael Lanning (Blake), Abby Fradkin (Winston Churchill), Amber McCrady (Damascus), Hernan Igot (Einstein), Thanh Nguyen (Gaithersburg), John Lindsay (Walter Johnson), Will Solomon and Aaron Josephson (Kennedy), Emily Harwood (Magruder), Saul Carlin (Montgomery), Nabanita Pal (Northwest), Erin Mills (Paint Branch), Rueben Goetzl (Poolesville), Askash Mathur (Quince Orchard), Jenna Byrne (Rockville), Jason George (Seneca Valley), Maria Lunsford (Sherwood), Brian Salant (Springbrook), Kaitlin Laws (Watkins Mill), Jin Xue (Wheaton), Jeffrey Luse (Walt Whitman), Scott Leighty (Wootton).



Nathanial Stokoe (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Abigail Graber (Montgomery Blair), Sue Bai (Blake), Ted Matheeussen (Winston Churchill), Yi Hwa Yang (Damascus), Siti Nur Morris (Einstein), Kristen Martineau (Gaithersburg), Conrey Callahan (Walter Johnson), Kevin Lee (Kennedy), Sara Blackwell (Magruder), Daniel Belkin (Richard Montgomery), Halley Fehner (Northwest), Anne Chlebowski (Paint Branch), Cari Rutledge (Poolesville), Marianna Kondratovich (Quince Orchard), Elliot Sprehn (RICA), Nicole Dabney (Rockville), John Torrey (Seneca Valley), Alana Goldberg (Sherwood), Khadidjato Nijmoluh (Springbrook), Alexandra Takai (Watkins Mill), Sophia Lem (Wheaton), Lilian Mitchell (Walt Whitman), Melissa Gluck (Wootton)



Jeremy Hartman (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Rachel Yood (Montgomery Blair), Davis Hasty (Blake), Samuel Berey (Winston Churchill), Brittany Jenner (Damascus), Emily Rosenberger (Einstein), Peter G. Bolac (Gaithersburg), David Sievers (Walter Johnson), Benjamin Kabaker (Kennedy), Maggie Wheltle (Magruder), Lauren Seffel (Richard Montgomery), Jason N. Overman (Northwest), Aparna Kothary (Paint Branch), Ann Gessler (Poolesville), Kevin Rosenbaum (Quince Orchard), Andres J. Heiny-Gonzale (Rockville), Bradley Johnson (Seneca Valley), Jill Waters (Sherwood), David Einstein (Springbrook), Timothy Gutman (Watkins Mill), Esther Joo (Wheaton), David Gelman (Walt Whitman), Michelle Tabach (Wooton)



Pavie Doroslavaki (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Cyrus Hadad (Montgomery Blair), Andrew Rose (Blake), Stephanie Flax (Winston Churchill), Kim McGuire (Damascus), Lauren Phillips Thoryn (Einstein), Kristina Kirk (Gaithersburg), Steven Book (Walter Johnson), Frank Totten (Kennedy), Emily Hammer (Magruder), Rita Bergmann (Richard Montgomery), David Baston (Northwest), Lisa Ku (Paint Branch), Karen Toomey (Poolesville), Joel Wilcher (Quince Orchard), Tsedaye Makonnen (Rockville), Kimberly Newcomer (Seneca Valley), Abby Greenhut (Sherwood), Samuel Biagetti (Springbrook), Tyler Rench (Watkins Mill), Jacob Bachmeier (Wheaton), Maya Simon (Walt Whitman), Nayeema Raza (Wootton)



Katherine Goldstein (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Julie Lindenberg (Montgomery Blair), Anne Colice (Blake), Lauren Lesch (Winston Churchill), Michael Crowe (Damascus), Ngoc Pham (Einstein), Melissa Nilsson (Gaithersburg), Laura Chasen (Walter Johnson), Beverly Nguyen (Kennedy), Norah Harwood (Magruder), Gabe Mandujano (Richard Montgomery), Preeya Mathew (Northwest), Katherine Parker (Paint Branch), Elizabeth Holden (Poolesville), Cathrine Besancon (Quince Orchard), Isaac Pollack (Rockville), Sheena Dahlke (Seneca Valley), Amanda Woodfield (Sherwood), Arjun Ranade (Springbrook), Kristen Lanham (Watkins Mill), Michelle Pettit (Wheaton), Caryn Harris (Walt Whitman), Sruthi Pandipati (Wootton)



Jesse Palchick (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Jason Rubenstein (Montgomery Blair), Carissa Baker (Damascus), Cory Atwell (Einstein), Danila Kuklov (Gaithersburg), Katherine Hill (Walter Johnson), Amy Kominski (Kennedy), Matt Seymour (Magruder), Anhthu Phan (Richard Montgomery), Stanislaz Rozenblat (Northwest), Joanna Robey (Paint Branch), Philip Mervis (Quince Orchard), Todd Hutner (Rockville), Rachel Nyden (Seneca Valley), Rachel West (Sherwood), Hollis Architzel (Springbrook), Tonya Oben (Watkins Mill), Phillip J. Meyerson (Wheaton), Marc Sorrell (Walt Whitman), Ryan O’Lone (Wootton)



Megan Moran (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), Lilly Goldman (Montgomery Blair), Diana Rusk (Winston Churchill), Stephanie Miller (Damascus), Tim Chabuk (Einstein), Kunal Pasricha (Gaithersburg), Adam Hantman (Walter Johnson), Allison Kaufman (Kennedy), Tina Gupta (Magruder), Kevin Wiseman (Richard Montgomery), Robert Hendrickson (Paint Branch), Dan Trusilo (Poolesville), Paul Johnson (Quince Orchard), Demelza Baer (Rockville), Carlotta Greene (Seneca Valley), Anita Edwards (Sherwood), Soumini John (Springbrook), Samantha Ahalt (Watkins Mill), Matthew Regan (Wheaton), Andrea Falken (Walt Whitman), Jennifer Treat (Wootton)


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Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Hannah Donner (Walt Whitman HS), Dr. Walter Jones
Ms. Perlita Jones, Catherine Hodge (winner, Watkins Mill HS)

Click photo for link to 2017 award speech.
Edwige Ndomi (winner, Watkins Mill HS) and Dr. Walter Jones (Co-founder, Jones Family/Plasma Fellows/Greenblatt Award).
Deborah Prochnow, Krishnendu Mangal (winner, Watkins Mill HS).

Click photo for link to 2015 award speech.
Priscilla Asare (winner, Watkins Mill HS).

Click photo for link to 2014 award speech
Ms. Sabrina Murray (guidance counselor), Michelle Briner (winner, Watkins Mill HS), and Dr. Walter Jones.

Click photo for link to 2013 award speech.
Shanayah Braithwaite (winner, Watkins Mill HS) and Perlita Jones.
Caroline Stokes (winner, Watkins Mill HS) and Dr. Walter Jones (Co-founder, Jones Family/Plasma Fellows/Greenblatt Award).

Click photo for link to 2011 award speech.
Dr. Walter Jones (Co-founder, Jones Family/Plasma Fellows/Greenblatt Award) and Anchal Bhargava (winner, Watkins Mill HS).
Ms. Deborah Prochnow (College and Career Coordinator) and Kariah Guilds (winner, Watkins Mill HS).

Click photo for link to 2010 award speech.
Fatima Falama (winner, Watkins Mill HS), Dr. Walter Jones, David Cabrera (winner, Watkins Mill HS).
Darrin Barry (winner, Watkins Mill HS), Kashira Turner (winner, Watkins Mill HS), and Ms. Perlita Jones.
Dr. Arnold Cooper, Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Mrs. Perlita Jones, Ms. Debra Samuel (winner, Watkins Mill HS), Mr. James Afful (winner, Watkins Mill HS), Dr. Walter Jones.
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MARY JAYNE ENGELHARDT, Meadow Hall Elementary School
Professor JoEllen Smallwood (University of Maryland CITE), Mary Jayne Engelhardt (winner), Professor Dianne Bradley (University of Maryland CITE)
KARLA BERKAW, Viers Mill Elementary School
Ms. Shelly Niverth (2005 MGEF awardee), Ms. Karla Berkaw
DIANA LIM, Montgomery Blair High School
Dr. Marshal Greenblatt, Ms. Diana Lim
LAURA CLOHER, Arcola Elementary School
Priscilla Sinon, Laura Cloher (Winner of the Greenblatt/ University of Maryland Aspiring Teacher Award), and Professor Dianne Bradley, University of Maryland
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